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Wellhead & X’mas tree

    Wellhead & X’mas tree assembly, the key equipment in oil/gas production, consists of casing head, tubing head and X’mas tree, which are applicable for connection of casing string and tubing string, sealing the annular space between casing and tubing and controlling the pressure of the production wellhead and adjusting the flow rate of oil/gas wellhead as well as some special operations such as acid fracture, injection and test etc.
    Technology specification:
    The design meets the requirement of API SPEC 6A.
    Rated working pressure:2000~20000PSI
    Rated working temp:K、L、P、R、S、T、U、V
    Material class:AA, BB, CC, DD, EE、FF
    Product specification level:PSL1~PSL4
    Performance requirement level:PR1-PR2
    Suitable medium:Petroleum, natural gas, mud etc.

Wellhead & X’mas tree-->Casing head

    Casing hanger for casing head and casing spool has straight type seat bore and 45°cone of hanging shoulder, with fine loading ability.
   ·if required, it can be designed in integral or split structure.
   ·The connecting type of casing head and surface casing is weld, thread and slip type.
   ·The connecting type of side outlet includes thread, bolted flange and flange
   ·Matched casing hanger structural type: slip, thread(mandrel);
   ·In the bottom of casing head and casing spool sets casing secondary seal mechanism and sealing test port.

Wellhead & X’mas tree-->Tubing head

    Tubing hanger for tubing head has straight type seat bore and 45°core of hanging shoulder, with strong loading ability.
   ·The connecting type of side outlet is bolted flange with VR thread for valve-replacement operation.
   ·In the bottom flange sets secondary seal mechanism and sealing test port.
   ·Tubing hanger and tubing head adaptor can be penetrated through by cable or cable penetrator and set with control pipeline interface.
   ·Tubing hanger can be set with BPV thread as required.

Wellhead & X’mas tree-->X’mas tree

  X’mas tree is a key equipment to control the pressure in wellhead and adjust the flowrate of oil/gas well in oil/gas production operation.
   ·It can be designed into general or integral structure as required;
   ·It can be completed with pneumatic/hydraulic safety valve;
   ·It can be classified into two kinds of single-wing and dual-wing.
   ·As required, matched choke may be positive choke or adjustable choke alternatively

Wellhead & X’mas tree-->Injection wellhead

    Technology specification:
   ·Rated working pressure:2000-5000PSI
   ·Nominal bore:2 9/16"
   ·Rated working temp:L.U(-46℃~+121℃)
   ·Material class:AA~EE
   ·Connecting type: flange、collar
   ·Use valve type:Plate gate valve 、Wedge gate valve

Wellhead & X’mas tree-->Thermal wellhead

    The wellhead assembly is a necessary special assembly for thickened oil recovery, and applicable for alkyl and cycloalkanes compound-base crude-oil production by steam hum/haw, steam drive or hot-water circulation, as well as general oil production.
   ·Executive standard: SY/T5328-1996 thermal wellhead assembly
   ·Rated working pressure:21MPA、35MPA
   ·Rated working temp:<=370℃
   ·Connecting thread of casing flange thread: 4 1/2 UP TBG
   ·valve type:Single Plate gate valve
   ·Performance requirement level:PR1、PR2

Wellhead & X’mas tree-->Casing hanger

   Casing hanger is classified into two kinds, i.e. the threaded (mandrel) and the slipped; slip casing hanger consists of G, W, WD, WE and other types, WD hanger is applicable for connection of casing head and surface casing and keeps the slip closing the casing fast in use of outer force, W hanger adopts self-weight energized sealing structure and WE & G hanger is manual-energized sealing structure.           
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